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Zika Virus

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I am very concerned about the prospect of my dear dog contracting the Zika Virus, both because of his health, but also possible transmission of the virus to me and others in our household. I have read that dogs are much more likely to be bitten by mosquitos, and I can see that when walking outside. I know first-hand that dogs are major carriers of deer tics which transmit Lyme disease, and I am trying to determine how to guard against my dear dog contracting and/or transmitting Zika. Is there any solution beyond keeping my deer dog inside?
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I wouldn't worry too much, it hasn't been found to be transmissible to canines yet. If he was a chimp that would be a different story.

Zika and Animals | Zika virus | CDC
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That is good to hear. Can you point me to the source of that information because I have been hearing much to the contrary. Given the issues with other viruses, like Lyme, that may be transmitted through dogs and other pets that spend much time outside, it is difficult to understand why dogs might be immune to Zika. Thanks much.
Did you see the link. The source is the CDC
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