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You've Come a long way, Sonic

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All the way from the streets of the Dominican Republic,
all the way from being a scared abandoned puppy (actually young dog 1 1/2 yrs in this pic),

To this confident, shiny happy beautiful guy.

all the way to Canada, and in these two pics, Killarney Provincial Park.

and this one,

and from literally being afraid of treats and treat training, to 'operant/offering behaviours'
from being passive to 'pushy' in training.
to liking to play,
and from waking up growling (nightmares? ptsd?) to lounging in joy on this couch,

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Dogs never cease to amaze me, they can come from the worst of the worst and become confident, loving family dogs for the rest of their lives if given the chance.

Good on you for doing that.
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Thanks. Still a work in progress. I'm hoping for agility brags in the next year (fun stuff, I'm not competive), but nothing makes me more proud than a happy dog.
LOOK AT HOW HAPPY HE IS! It's amazing how different he looks. His coat came in beautifully.
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He looks so beautiful and confident now :)
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I love this! So beautiful and happy!! :)
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Thanks all. @Shandula he must have heard me secretly wishing for more hair. ;-)
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