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Your favourite tool for picking up dog hair?

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We now realize we should have bought furniture upholstered in tweedy fabric! ;) Instead we have charcoal grey fabric, and with small dogs who are allowed on the couch, it's a bad combination. We have large fleece throws in the corner of our sectional for them to lay on, but just walking across the couch leaves hair.

We have a Dyson Animal vacuum, but it just won't pick it all up. After vacuuming the couch I'll use lint rollers on it, and still hair is left.

Have you found a miracle tool to collect all the hair from your furniture? Please share your tips. :)
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.......Have you found a miracle tool to collect all the hair from your furniture? Please share your tips. :)
Yeah, my pants, and shirt...just lay down on the sofa, then get up. WaaLaa...your sofa is now hair free. ;) (and it's a lot easier tossing clothes into the washing machine than a sofa :thumbsup: )


Anyway, I've always bought furniture that did not have a woven fabric as hair gets woven right into it. So my furniture has velvet or microfiber - I have a recliner with microfiber, it's cloth and feels like cloth but looks a lot like suede leather.

I use to sell furniture and I had a lot of people who had pets and real leather or vinyl covered furniture - it's is nice for wiping down, but from talking with folks who owned that kind of furniture, the drawback is that pet nails can puncture it too easily. Also, while I've never owned leather furniture, I have sat in a lot of it over the years. I never cared for it because it's cold in the winter and in the summer any bare skin touching it - it's just 'sticky'.

I've like those lint brushed that have like a rough velvet texture to them. You brush one way, against the grain of the brush fabric, and it picks up the hair, then you take the hair off the brush by wiping your hand with the grain.

I think you can pick those kinds of lint brushes up for 3 or 4 dollars. Also, unlike 'sticky' lint rollers, when the sticky tape runs out, you don't have to keep going out and buying another one.

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