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I am really hoping someone can help...

Monday morning, our nearly-2-year-old (neutered, fully vaccinated) Shih Tzu was acting "off." Not wanting to move around too much, shaking, not wanting to play, etc. He is kind of a sensitive dog, so I planned to wait and see how the day went, as he was eating, drinking, and eliminating. Tuesday (yesterday) morning, he was a bit worse, with a slight temperature of 103.2. We took him in to our very good vet, who took a urine sample and Rx. quiet time and an NSAID. Could not find anything on physical exam. He came home, he ate, normal bowels, etc.

Today he was worse. Fever of 104.2 - still in pain, "hunched" appearance. Took him in again, and they did X-rays and blood work. Urine came back normal. The vet Rx. another NSAID and an antibiotic. Told me that the X-rays did not show any osteomyelitis or infection in the vertebrae at this time. No stones in urinary tract.

He says he suspects IVDD - a slipped or herniated disc, and that we need to proceed with 6 weeks of strict crate rest and antinflammatories. The clavamox is a precaution pending the bloodwork.

Okay - fine. So we have a disc problem. He says inflammation could be causing the fever. Really? I can't find anything on the internet to support the idea that disc herniation can cause fever in dogs.

My dog is not around other dogs aside from out other pet, who is not sick. We do not have ticks in our area. My kids are beside themselves and I am just not sure what to do.
Thank you
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