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Here in Argentina today is Dia del Amigo so I wanted to create thread for these two who hit it off from the first moment


Simba: What a strange creature this is...

Leia: Wow he's so tall

Simba: Oh hello there. Let me greet you properly

Simba: Ahhh that's more like it. I'm Simba

Leia: Oh he is not going to eat my hamburger

Leia: MINE

Simba: Hmmmm what just happened. Lets wait and see if the crazy thing goes a way.


Simba: I've got her ball. Hahaha

S&L: ZZZzzzzz

Leia: This is nice but where is Simba

Simba: What a pillow hog!

Leia: You woke me up.

Leia: MINE
Simba: Don't think so shorty.
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