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Hi, My 2 year old rescued multipoo got spayed 3 days ago. I am worried about her incision site being a little red, and a little bump at the top. There is a big red mark but vet said it was a bruise
It's not warm, not painful to touch and no smell coming from it.
She eating well and drinking lots of water.
She vomited once right after surgery but not since. She has been wearing her cone 99% of time only when eating and going out to pee is she not wearing it. I watch her whole time to make sure she won't lick it.
I don't have a crate for her, but I have been carrying her up and down stairs. She basically lies in her bed all day. She did stretch her self out today

I'm not sure if it's healing fine and I am just over worrying about nothing.
When should I call vet?


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