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We have a seven-month-old Australian Shepherd/Poodle mix (F1) and things are going great. She needs a ton of exercise, so I take her to the dog park nearly everyday, sometimes twice. As long as I do this, she is a breeze to train.

One thing is confounding me though. I have a personal goal of training her to do some easy to moderate Frisbee tricks. She knows how to fetch and consistently does it with a variety of toys in the house. When we get to the dog park and the Frisbees come out, all bets are off. She consistently chases it, but as soon as she reaches it, it's dead to her.

I'm sure part of the trouble is the ridiculous number of field mouse holes and burrows at this park, but she does the same thing at another nicer more distant park. Recent snow has help with the distracting critter smells.

I have tried tugging to get her interested in the disc, which does make her want to chase it more. I have even stooped to treating her with high-value treats on the rare occasion she does bring it back. The best I can get on a good day is this scenario where she brings it halfway back and then lays on it.

I'm sure the answer will be some combination of tugging and throwing and "rewarding", but I don't have the right rhythm yet. Maybe someone can walk through it step by step? What to do when she does bring it back. What to do when she doesn't or only halfway.

Thanks in advance. This is my first thread btw, so hello everyone.
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