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wohoo! Almost!

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As most of you know, I left my pup with my husband for a little over a month due to a family emergency. Well I'm flying back this Saturday finally to be with them.

He turns 5 months this weekend so I'm pretty excited about that! He's grown so much since I left and it makes me tear up a little bit.

I will say that it has been extremely difficult leaving my husband and puppy alone to fend for themselves. I don't mean to offend my husband or anyone else but he's incompetent when it comes to taking care of our puppy. Other than giving the topical medicine to our dog ORALLY, there has been several complaints and incidents that could have been avoided if he wasn't so gosh darn stupid when it comes to puppies. I'm sorry for being mean but its honestly the truth.

The latest "incident" I heard was todays when he "went to his chewy order history to get him a new bag of dog food that costed 70 dollars." This seemed odd to me because his usual dog food doesnt cost this much. He claims to have bought the biggest bag.

The new food arrived and he said "the kibble is a lot smaller than usual, but I guess he likes it" now this was a big red flag to me. His dog food kibble isnt small, it never was. I slowly then put everything together, he never bought our pup dog food except for when our pup first got here - which was around the time we found out he's allergic to the food.

I immediately knew he bought the wrong bag. He bought the dog food that our pup is allergic to. I told him this and I told him that he can return it and chewy will take it still. He said no he cannot because he already got rid of the bag and poured it into the dogfood bin. Then I said to at least slowly transition him to the food otherwise he'll get sick.

He said there isnt ANY food he can use to transition him with, and that "he'll just see how it goes"

I told him to use at least rice and mix in a few of the new kibble in there. He replied with "yea alright"

Now mind you, I've been giving him advice on how to handle the pup properly (ie take him out at this time and dont leave him out there, walk him for a little bit to tire him out etc) and he replied with "yeah alright" as well. But I know for a fact that he doesn't really do it nor could I make him do it (still leaves the pup by himself outside etc) so I can't really do much but sit here and die a little inside.

So if he doesn't do that, our puppy will probably get sick. If not from the dog food allergy reaction, it will probably be from the sudden food change because my husband is incompetent. But hey, no use to stress about it. My husband will learn here in a few hours when our puppy soils his computer room. I will be home in a few days to fix it.

Pray for me.
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I kind of know how you feel. My bf is attentive and caring to Ella but he will just never be as alert and .. informed as I am. He will do his best (and it is very, very good) but ... he is not that crazy helicopter-dog-mom I am. And I have come to terms with it.

I too had to leave them for weeks when Ella was little and I`d worry myself almost sick that he`d somehow forget her outside or that he`d not pay enough attention on walks and let her slip her collar etc. ....

Soo stressful. But then I figured out this worrying isnt doing any good and I didnt want to call him 24/7 and ask "did you do that? make sure she doesnt get into that etc". So I basically just decided to trust life. He feeds her and walks her and loves her an thats good enough. If something bad happens then so be it, I can`t control everything.

A brick might fall on her head you know.

While you must try to communicate as much of the important stuff to him as possible, try to realize that he will probably never be as informed and alert/attentive as you. And its ok. Compared to the life of the majority of dogs on this planet, your pup is having a blast. :) They are tough beings and he will be fine.

Hope that helps. Just wanted to offer a perspective on the whole "omg nobody can take as good care of my dog as i can" thing .. I think many of us "serious" dog owners feel this. And I think its important (for our peace of mind and relationships with other humans) to learn to let it go a bit.
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