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Hey, I'm Daniel. I have two dogs that are sweet, adorable and friendly. MOSTLY dog friendly; two female pits in my apt have ATTACKED my Precious, so I've seen her get aggressive in defensive mode and she's pretty aggressive towards those dogs. Others, from hiking, dog parks, not so much. You never know, always about the other dog, so it always leaves a question.

The first, Precious, I bought about 2 and half yrs ago as an "American Bully"; yes, I bought her from a breeder off the internet locally after seeing all these youtube videos about this newer breed of American Bully's that are less aggressive, but stocky, muscular. Her first year and and half was questionable, looking very small and slender, but she eventually started filling out at a year and half-not quite what I went for, but a very handsome dog. I was already in love with her; it didn't matter.

But, I wanted another dog. Someone for her to play with. I tried to buy another Bully. This time, same thing internet/local-this time it was a lil questionable. I didn't care for the breeder. With Precious, they were talking about feeding RAW and how expensive it gets and using kibble that is grain-free cuz of the skin allergies; this guy was umm, different. First, I was buying a bully @250, but they were brown/white. He had a Blue one that was bigger in the pictures, so I wanted him. He was from an earlier litter. He was his personal dog, but wasn't "aggressive enough", he could part with him for $400, wouldn't budge. Grey/White puppy with stone cold BLUE eyes. I just finally bit. I wanted a blue pit. I picked him up; it was atrocious, he looked grey/yellow from all the damn piss on him. Stunk to high hell. But apparently, I'd "paid alot more if he paid for all the paperwork". This is Ghost.

The dogs love each other and I love them. They're good dogs.

Ghost at 10mths about (estimating) 16in, 155lbs.
Precious at 2yrs,7mths, (estimating) 13in, 149lbs.

Precious is nothing but muscle; much, much stronger and more agile & determined than Ghost. Precious is very passively affectionate; Ghost needs to be up under you at all times. Precious more wants to play tug of war or fetch (but she never lets it up, u gotta have two sticks). Ghost doesn't really care as long as he can cuddle right up under you.

I dunno, I was just curious about backgrounds. I did the Wisdom Panel 4.0 For the most part it met my expectations. What do you guys think?

Precious Wisdom Result: - best file hosting solution, with no limits, totaly free

Ghost Wisdom Result: - best file hosting solution, with no limits, totaly free

Both of em Laying down: - best file hosting solution, with no limits, totaly free

Rolling, Paws out to make daddy nervous: - best file hosting solution, with no limits, totaly free


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