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Will my Kai-Ken (Toru-Inu) become a brindle?

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I have recently purchased a Kai-Ken cross Aidi puppy (She is too young to take home as of yet as she is only 3 weeks old and i only have a very young puppy photo of her until this Friday so unfortunately can not provide photographs just yet)

Her mother was a black (Kuro-Tora) Kai-Ken, the father was a pure white Aidi.
My puppy is all black except a white patch on her chest and just under her chin.

Now i know Kai puppies are born a solid color and their brindle markings develop as they age, sometimes taking as long as five years before fully showing. Would there be a chance of her black becoming brindle as she is a mix or would she most likely stay black?

Thank you for reading/replying, if you do!
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Well it depends, from what I know most kai mixes turn out brindle....
That's great to know, i think it would suit her :)
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Since its mother was entirely black and its father was entirely white, there is little chance of your dog becoming a brindle if I'm being honest.
Aww. I'll be happy either way, just interested to know. I'm researching a lot about both breeds, so i'll see how it goes.

Oh what an interesting mix? May I ask where you purchased such an amazing sounding pup?

The white spots are related to the Kai side. Does your Kai currently have any brindle showing? You would see some blond in the black?
Hi, i purchased her from someone in Amsterdam =)
From what i have noticed she has no brindle showing, just blask and the white patchess.
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Kais are amazing dogs and are very rare outside of Japan. Are you sure your dog is half Kai? Was this an intentional mixing of two breeds? I hope you don't mind me asking, I'm a very nosey person. :)
Be as nosey as you wish! I far from mind! I have seen the supposed parents. I say supposed, as i honestly haven't a clue if they really were. Just because the puppy looks so odd xD Although i don't know what a mix of the two SHOULD look like. I was trying to find a decent photograph but i currently can't find any - i will look tomorrow because i'm all tucked up in bed :D

She is very small for her age, or so i'd assume, (assuming she is a Kai cross Aidi, like they claim i would have expected her to be a LOT bigger)

The only thing I've really noticed with her (that i am very ecstatic about!) is that her tail curls over her back, like with the Kai breed, but i also know it's a common trait of many breeds. I've always wanted a dog with a tail like that haha.

I do also believe the breeding was accidental as the owner had a pair of each breed.
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