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Will my Kai-Ken (Toru-Inu) become a brindle?

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I have recently purchased a Kai-Ken cross Aidi puppy (She is too young to take home as of yet as she is only 3 weeks old and i only have a very young puppy photo of her until this Friday so unfortunately can not provide photographs just yet)

Her mother was a black (Kuro-Tora) Kai-Ken, the father was a pure white Aidi.
My puppy is all black except a white patch on her chest and just under her chin.

Now i know Kai puppies are born a solid color and their brindle markings develop as they age, sometimes taking as long as five years before fully showing. Would there be a chance of her black becoming brindle as she is a mix or would she most likely stay black?

Thank you for reading/replying, if you do!
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I think you need to research genetics if you want to know what the chance is of your dog becoming brindle. Brindle depend on recessive genes and is dominated by black (or so I've read). Since its mother was entirely black and its father was entirely white, there is little chance of your dog becoming a brindle if I'm being honest.
Then again, I'm not a pro at coat color genetics as of yet.
This is a great answer but one thing to consider is that dominant black and brindle are on the same locus. The dam could potentionally have an allele for each. The black would mask her brindle but she would produce some brindle pups.

Anyway I love Kai Ken but there are only a couple breeders in the USA that I know of anyway.
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