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Why would you get a puppy? -rant-

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So FB friends have probably already heard about this, but ugh my neighbors just got their 3rd puppy in less than a month... The first one lasted maybe 5 days, then they got one yesterday and that puppy only lasted 24 hours before they gave her away, and less than 6 hours after that they have another new puppy. And both the most recent puppies were bull breed pups(the previous one was freaking adorable and looked like a mini Karma and had some super epic ears) *sigh*

At first we couldn't figure out what was going on and thought maybe they were just holding the puppies from someone, but nope turns out they got the puppies for themselves and then because the puppies were jumping, scratching, and nipping(so normal puppy behavior) they decided to get rid of them and try again(apparently they want the perfect puppy and that just ain't gunna happen).

I mean why would you get a puppy if you aren't willing to deal with the naughty puppy behavior that comes with it...

Anyways they had asked me how much I charged for training and well I dunno cuz I've only ever trained my crew, but while I wish they'd just give this pup to a good home and just not get another dog might as well help out and hopefully keep this pup from bouncing around homes.
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They sound like crappy owners but if they are asking you to train the dog that's a really good sign. That means they might be willing to actually try with this dog. I think you should give it a shot to educate them, help the dog and maybe make them into better dog owners.
Ohhh man I'd be so tempted to get them one of those furry robot dog toys.......

Did you tell them even if you do train the pup for them they will still have to put up with puppy antics for the next year or so? That they are still going to have to housetrain it, work on teaching it to not bite, and reinforce whatever you teach it? That it's a puppy, it's a baby, it's a living breathing creature, and is not a robot? You can't program in the desired behaviors and have it blindly follow them.... Idiots, my patience for them is at an all time low :(
So the family is basically the grandmother living with like 5 of her grand kids who she has custody of. Other adults go in and out of the house, but it's mainly just them. I was in a rush to get to a friends yesterday so I didn't really get a chance to talk with them, but told them I'd have a chat later the next day. Oh and the ones who approached me about the training were the 3 youngest kids(between the ages of like 5 and 10). They're also scared of dogs(which is why I'm sure they don't like the jumping) so still don't really know why they decided to get one, but whatever. Ugh I hate dealing with ueducated people, but maybe this is my chance to steal another sport dog lol. Karma likely won't ever compete in agility so I was considering training/working with a good friends dog to compete with...

The puppy they had earlier was at a really good age to learn stuff. She also seemed like a fun pup to work wth(like I said mini karma haha). The one now I feel like is still super young and should still be with mom and siblings so might not have all the bite inhibition he would've learned from them which will likely show as it grows.

Oh and to make matters worse kids and dogs make me shiver sometimes. Yesterday they were dragging to poor puppy who clearly didn't feel like going anywhere across the yard by it's leash and had no adult supervision with it. why why why....

**sigh today is gunna be a fun day
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The kids might be more likely to listen and soak up any advice you give them, especially if you can make it into handy posters they can stick somewhere...either easy to read or the ones you see on FB sometimes, you know like the dog body language ones with the cartoon dog?

My family asked me to go help them train their new puppy years ago. I went and introduced them to the clicker, showed them how to use it and went through socialisation, training and different behaviours. They were all really impressed because the pup picked it up super quick, and they seemed enthusiastic...then none of them stuck with it and now the dog spends all day locked in a separate room on its' own because it's untrained :eyeroll: However the youngest family member did pay more attention, and apparently does make some effort with the dog.

"perfect puppy" :eyeroll:, our puppy is really good in some ways (way calmer than puppy Zoey, awesome bite inhibition, only two accidents etc) but we still have the jumping up, the biting at shorts and his lovely yapping to deal with. No puppy is gonna be pre-trained or problem free!
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Have the grandmother buy the kids "puppy training for kids" by Colleen Pelar, if they can't afford it, check out the local library. I had my kids read that and they pretty much are responsible for half of our dogs training. My son even lent it to one of his friends who was scared of his own big rowdy dog, and it really helped him. When I take Jasmine to the park, I have the kids crowding around her and teach them little training excercises that they can do with her. They love it, and then they tell me that they are doing them with their dog at home, makes me so happy. Kids that age introduced right will totally soak up training techniques, it is just important that they start training before the puppy is a big dog who jumps up and nips.
I'll give it a try and hopefully somehow manage. These are the same neighbor kids I usually can't stand xP plus our dogs don't really like them(they've messed with the dogs in the past while they were out pottying which earned them a good yell from my parents and I).

Oh but what can one do with a 5-6 week old puppy? I've never worked with such a young dog before. I mean Bo was 8 weeks when we brought him home and Twister 12weeks and Abby and Karma were both 6+months. With Bo/Twister I gave them a couple weeks to decompress then worked with them and Abby/Karma basically started clicker training ASAP... Would I be able to start introing to the clicker?
@Red haha I swear twister was the best puppy ever litterally no evil puppy behavior at all... Mostly potty trained in a few days, picked up behaviors easily, and no nipping or anything. Really not normal at all... Then along came Karma and holy wow did I ever regret my puppy fever and wanting another puppy so I could have the whole "puppy experience" that was lacking when we got baby twister...
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@Ems I'll try and reccomend it, but can't say whether or not they'll actually get it... Wish I had some books they could borrow, but none of mine are kid friendly(a kid friendly verions of the culture clash would be good)
I can't stand people that cycle through animals like clothes! Drives me crazy. My parents neighbors got a pit mix a few months ago, and I gave it a month. Within a month, she was gone.

Once I get a dog, they're with me for life, through thick and thin. It would have to be crazy extenuating circumstances that i would ever give up an animal. I train my animals to fit in with my lifestyle. Not always easy at first, but it's worked.
You could introduce the clicker, but I'd muffle the sound somewhat since the puppy is very young and the loud sound may startle it, or start with something like a pen (it has a softer clicking sound) and in a couple weeks introduce a real clicker.
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