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My 13 year old Lab/Sheppard mix was diagnosed with Vestibular disease (vertigo) about 2 weeks ago. He also has a very small tumor on his chest.

He has been making a good recovery, but now all of a sudden, he goes over to the same spot on the living room rug and does his business. We help him outside multiple times a day, but always tries to go in the living room to go on the rug in there as well. He's been house broken since he was a puppy and has never done his business anywhere but outside. Now all of a sudden, he want to go on the rug. Always the same spot.
We have to keep him gated in the kitchen now, where he won't pee or poop on the floor. He's also eating a lot less, but still drinking a lot. But as soon as we open the gate, he tries to go into the living room.
Any ideas why he's doing this?
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