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Dog Training Tools

Rein Him In
Every dog needs a leash. It serves as a line of communication between dog and handler, as well as a canine life preserver when your dog is awash in a sea of traffic—either pedestrian or vehicular. The best leash is sturdy without being cumbersome and properly gauged to the size of the dog.

A training leash should be no longer than six feet, and the width should be determined by the leash material and the size of the dog. Small dogs generally do not require a leash wider than a half-inch; medium to giant-size dogs seldom need a leash wider than 5/8 to 3/4 inch. You should be able to fold excess length easily into the palm of the leash-bearing hand. The metal clasp should be of a bolt-type, swivel-snap design. A clasp that opens by simply pushing in on the hinged piece can be sprung open by the dog, making it unreliable.

Retractable leashes


are a fine addition to your arsenal of equipment for teaching your dog to come when called or allowing him the opportunity to explore and play without being underfoot. However, they can be a tremendous danger when used on city sidewalks or other crowded areas. Skaters and cyclists can easily roll right into the thin leash line, putting all three of you into harm’s way. Save retractable for grassy, open areas of the park, woods, or fields or the safety of your own backyard.
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