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Risk factors associated with behavioral problems in dogs


This cross-sectional study was carried out as a preliminary report on the prevalence and risk factors for owner-perceived behavioral problems in the dog population. A total of 232 owners were interviewed by means of an epidemiologic questionnaire in a hospital environment and data were analyzed using a logistic model. Statistical multivariate analysis confirmed the relationship between sex and age and inter-dog aggressiveness. Size of the dog was related to other aggressive behaviors (toward people and toward objects in movement) and different kinds of fears. Breeds classified as potentially dangerous did not show aggressiveness more often than the remaining ones. Sex, age, and size were linked with inappropriate elimination behavior and age of acquisition of the dog with destructive behaviors. These findings support previous contributions and suggest some new data on the epidemiology of behavioral on problems in domestic dogs, which could be useful to improve animal welfare through reducing dog relinquishment and abandonment by preventing undesirable behavioral problems.

Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research
Volume 6, Issue 4 , Pages 225-231, July 2011
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