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Who Would You Pay to Walk Your Dog?

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I am wondering who you would pay to walk your dog, would you let your local pet store employee walk your dog? or should they be a dog trainer? Does the cost matter? What is important.
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I think cost matters for most people. I walk my own dogs, unless
i was ill I probably would not have others walk them. Especially after a news show I watched that showed where the dog walker left a note for the homeowner that they walked the dog when they didn't.
I walk my own dog and wouldn't normally pay someone to walk her. Only if I had to be away for a few days or something. Then it would be someone I trusted. Cost does matter to me, as well as trust, so I would probably just ask a friend instead of going with a dog-walking company. The person walking my dog wouldn't have to be a trainer or anything like that, just has to have a brain that's engaged and paying attention to their surroundings and my dogs body language.
I would only allow someone that I know well to walk my dog. I don't trust people enough haha. I guess if I were sick and had nobody around to walk her, I would then find a dog walking service. If that situation came up though, cost wouldn't matter to me as much as positive references.
I wouldn't allow anyone to walk my dogs, except maybe my family. Even if I paid someone, I would pay them to come play with my dogs in my backyard. Fenced, secure, no chance of them running off, and no possibility of a difference in walking technique/mindset.
If I did need to pay someone, cost would not be nearly as important as references, if my dogs liked them, how I felt about them etc.
No one but my family that know them very very well. I don't trust anyone. About the most I trust a non family member, is I've had my roommate(and friend for over 9 years...) feed my dogs and let them out to go potty for one night.
Are you asking because you're looking for a dog walker? I work as a dog walker/sitter and I will say the average in my area (northeast) is roughly $10-25 a visit. The person or business should be insured. Being a trainer helps. Ask them who their favorite trainers are though. If anyone says Caesar Milan or any other trainers that favor harsh methods or choke chains or things like that, then look elsewhere. Also look up reviews and see if you can talk to any other customers.
I was just saying on another post, I trust no one! I am always worried something might happen and no one will react to the same extent that I would. Amo was attacked the other day and i was the only one who didn't hesitate. I don't trust someone making $50 to risk themselves
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