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Who is the likely father of my puppy?

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Last November, my neighbour's old Pitbull-Dobermann mix Poppy end up unexpectedly giving birth to a litter of six puppies. She's already freaking eleven years old, live alone, and according to my neighbour, only has another litter eight years ago with my neighbor's late purebreed pitbull who already passed away two years ago (and her previous children is already given away years ago), so this is quite unexpected.

Yet her litter this year is obviously not showing much of her Pitbull side and barely looks like Dobermann (she's used to be more muscular when she's younger), and that's part of the mystery. Yes, Poppy often freely roams the neighbourhood, but since eight years without new puppies, my neighbour used to not really mind that.

Long Story short, I decided to adopt one and named her Mel-Mel.

Here's she in late December

And how she is now, obviously didn't really showing her pitbull or dobermann traits.


Do any of you have ideas on who her father likely is? Another neighbour actually suspect that their father is her two years old male Chihuahua :p, but we're not really believe about it. Yeah it's kind of a young little stud end up impregnating a big, elderly grandmother... but still... Mel - Mel and her siblings is small enough to that being a possibility (Mel - Mel is now 1.7 kg and shoulder height is around 20 cm)
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Your puppy certainly looks like a chihuahua cross (or maybe a miniature pinscher cross).

And yes, it's possible for different size breeds to have a successful mating. And age? Female dogs do not stop seasons as they age, the way humans do, so an unspayed bitch can become a mother at an old age. Shame the owners don't keep an eye on when she is in heat and don't keep her safe, or get her spayed. Which, even at 11 years of agae, maybe a safer option, than another pregnancy.

Hope you have taken your puppy to your vet for a check up, vaccinations and flea and worming treatment. One of the puppies is pot bellied - this is a symptom of having worms. So all puppies are likely to have them.
Yeah, Poppy's owners already called a Vet and they're already vaccinated and dewormed at December. Mel Mel herself also has visited Vet by myself and she's confirmed in good health. About spaying, the Vet actually suggest me to wait until she's already a year old so her growth would not be compromised.

Can't really blame them about her being used to be unspayed though, eight years without getting another litter of puppies and her supposed mate already died (and they used to hope for another litter of puppies and yet she didn't get pregnant again). The Vet said that Poppy is in relatively good health now, and after the puppies are weaned, she's already spayed because the Vet did said that this pregnancy end up taxing her health and strongly suggest against another pregnancy.

The list of possible fathers is quite... surprising though, saying that you think Mel Mel is mini-pinscher mix, but there's no mini pinscher in my neighbourhood. The only unspayed male dog that time in our neighbourhood is that two years old Chihuahua, and nobody seen stray dogs entering our neighbourhood. If there's another pregnant female dogs in our neighbourhood with small cute puppies again, looks like we'll know who to blame in the end :D
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I agree with the father likely being Chihuahua. Before even reading about the male chi I thought that those pups look like they have some small breed in them. How old is your pup now?
She's about three to four months old, being born around 15 November or maybe a bit earlier.
Kinda confirmed that Mel Mel is indeed half chihuahua, she barked at my incoming friends (who unwittingly took her favourite pillow while sitting) and her barks is very high pitched like Chihuahua yip.

She never really barked before just whined and yelped, I actually start to expect her to never bark but yeah, this is all I needed to confirm about it.
Need help identifying my pups dad to find out training ptions, and why she is so cute, plz help if you think you can, pictures avaliable, thank you !
I would say most definitely Chihuahua. Small dogs will very often impregnate larger females. When there's a will there's a way!

Also, it's a common misconception that old females won't get pregnant. But dogs don't go through menopause, and can obviously stay fertile to a very old age. However, it's rather risky.
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