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Where to start looking for a cheap purebred?

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I'm looking for a dog 1 year old or younger. Preferably Beagle(?) or some other small active dog. Where should I start looking? No luck online or asking around. My family thinks it's still the 50's so $250 max.
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Hi Molly,

How are you doing? I see that your family is considering getting a new dog. The last time you posted, I suggested a rescue group in southwestern PA that had advertised a beagle. I'm guessing that dog is gone, but maybe we can still look for rescue groups in your area that have beagles. Would your family be open to that idea?
I replied to your other post on the dog breeds board. I don't know if you've ever gotten a dog but I think you're grossly underestimating how much dogs cost. Aside from actually buying the dog there's other things to consider. You'll have initial costs like collar, leash, crate (highly recommended), bowls, a few toys, food, and regular medical care including vaccines, flea/tick treatment and heartworm prevention. That alone will probably be about $250. So you might need to save up longer to afford the supplies. Then you will have to budget how much you will regularly spend on your dog's food and regular medical care for the month or year.

Well bred dogs from breeders typically cost anywhere between $500-$4000. If your limit is $250 for the dog, then I would say it's necessary you seek out a rescue, and many rescues even charge $1-300, but the dogs are typically neutered and vaccinated so you are saving money even if you got a puppy for free. If you look for a breeder you will only find puppy mills and backyard breeders selling poor quality, likely genetically destroyed dogs for under $500. Even they usually charge more than that! PA has the most puppy mills in the Northeast. Those dogs are bred so poorly that they often have lifelong health issues or short lifespans. (I own one now and though I love him he's so difficult). Those dogs are sold in stores, flea markets and from farms. Do NOT be tempted to buy a dog from a breeder for cheap like this if you find one, because you will probably end up regretting it and end up with a sick or dead puppy and have to pay more in medical bills--even just for a neuter and vaccinations.

You can very easily find a purebred Beagle, including dogs under one year old in rescues and shelters. I suggest looking on or google Beagle rescues in your area. The same goes for Jack Russels if you're still considering them.
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Beagles are pretty common in PA shelters. There are also breed rescues in state.
Have you looked on petfinder? May need to travel a little depending on your location but really shouldn't be too difficult to find a friendly, young beagle.
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I'd honestly struggle to find a beagle breeder that sells pups for over $250 here. As bad as it sounds, most hunters want their pup and want to get rid of the rest. It's just like how you probably won't be paying $600 for a border collie from a litter of farm dogs when the breeder just needed one to head his sheep. Even the show beagle breeders around here only sell for $300-$500 max. Also, most people know there is more to the cost of the dog, it's just that a lot of people don't believe in paying a super high initial cost.

If you're looking for an adult beagle, though, I'd keep an eye out on Craigslist and your local shelters. Beagles are very commonly rehomed due to how common and cheap they are.
On mobile so I can't reply to everyone right now but the 250 is for the dog itself. Supplies are either hand me down from my old dog other than the crate or already bought.
IMO I would look at the local shelters first. They have lots of really great dogs, many are purebreds, if that is important to you. Frankly for me acquiring a purebred is way down on my list of requirements, unless, of course you are planning to show him or her, but then you will need all the papers.
@patronizingrabbits I don't know what sort of area the OP lives in PA but unless it's big on hunting, there's a good chance she won't find cheap purebred Beagles that are from anyone but a bad source for puppies.
Hunting is popular throughout much of PA but personally I would be just a choosy about s a hunting line breeder as I would sport ot conformation.

Anyway, this is a nice rescue. I know a couple people who have adopted their dogs.
Nittany Beagle Rescue - Adoption FAQs

Also if in the central PA area let me know. My local shelter constantly has beagles. In fact a nice, young male came in last week.
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Also try looking at:

Pet Adoption - Search dogs or cats near you. Adopt a Pet Today. Pictures of dogs and cats who need a home. Search by breed, age, size and color. Adopt a dog, Adopt a cat.

I did a search for beagles from various communities in southwestern Pennsylvania and came up with some good prospects:

Washington -


Latrobe - This rescue has quite a few beagles. Here's one:


In short, there are lots of beagles in your area. Just start contacting rescues. Keep in mind that sometimes the information on-line can be out-of-date, so call/ e-mail before you make a drive. Ask if the dogs posted on-line are still available and if new dogs have come in. Good luck!
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Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions. After reading them I decided to go to the county shelter and managed to find a dog to apply for. We haven't found out if we can get him or not yet but he's a 2 year old (I know, I said one year or younger but the chance was too good to pass up.) Beagle that weighs around 35 pounds and is full of energy and friendliness. I'll update when we get the call about what they decided about our application.
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Looking forward to hearing about the result. :) I hope you get him!
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