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Where to get doberman's with natural ears and tails?

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my parents want to get a doberman, but i really want one with natural ears and tail. all breeders i find have very expensive show quality dogs (we just want a family dog) with cropped ears and docked tails. where can i look to find doberman or doberman mixes with natural ears and tails?
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Go to your local animal shelter or look in your local papers. There are a lot of Dobermans left natural. In the UK it's even illegal to get the dog's ears cropped. I'm not sure about the tail.
well i live in the US, and they have not yet made it illegal, although i wish they would.
What you could do Tami is contact a breeder and tell them what you are looking for. A pet quality pup that you want to be left natural. Meaning no ear cropping and tail docking. Keep searching until you find a breeder willing to do that. BUT bear in mind, IF yoy find one, that they most likely will require you to pre pay for the pup. The lady I got my Aussies from would not tail dock, but you had to purchase the pup- as in completely non refundable. And she'd only do it if you were present either the day of birth or the next day to pick the one you wanted before she had to get the tails docked.
But having said that, if you are purchasing a dog from a reputable breeder, then you may not have any choice because these breeders are breeding to further better the breed and have to adhere to breed standards.
I do agree with Ruby though, the best bet would be to contact a dobe rescue and tell them what you want. They can net work and hopefully find a fit for your family. Also, the resuces test the dogs and trains them before they get rehomed.
I hope this helps you out! Good luck and please keep us posted!
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I think you'll have an easy enough time with the ears, as they aren't done very young.
The tails, on the other hand, are done about day 2. Poster above said what I was going to, but also that some breeders won't be willing, because they want to evaluate the puppies as they grow. Some want to first decide which pups are show prospects. Others want to place puppies by personality/temperment. In that case, they woudln't leave one tailed, because they wouldn't know which pup they'd end up selling you.
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