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HI, I am new here. I am an adorable dog (2 years, 2 month), a hound-shephard mix and was adopted by some two people, I start to get attached to. I come from a rescue shelter and nobody understands how I could ever end up there, because I am definitely not a dog you want to leave behind. But I was lucky and my new master-mommy (excuse me but she is not a native English speaker and doesn't know how to call herself as being my female care-taker) a week ago.

So, my master-mommy wants to let me run more free. She has a fence of 4 feet around her yard, which is close to a busy street. And there are other people, where she lives, which don't allow her to have a higher fence, one which I wouldn't be able to jump. So, now my master-mommy gets a little guilty, because she doesn't like to put me into a cage or smaller kennel, so she can't let me alone in the garden. So, she needs to walk me a lot and, I admit, I am still not behaving well once I get her to walk me on the leash. I think she thinks she will definitely teach me a lesson about it, but I think, she is dreaming ...

Now, I have heard about dog parks, where I could run free, but my mommy-master wants to know if there are no other areas in Maryland, especially at the beaches on the Chesapeake Bay, where I actually could run freely and show off my excellent running style.

I kind of have a good nose and although I look as trustworthy as your grandma, I can be quite quick on my feet and enjoy exploring the new frontiers.

Anybody can help my mommy-master? You know she had just little poodles when she grew up, and now she is already so old that she forgot thinking about me being something like a real dog, who wants to hunt and run. But you see, she just wanted to have me no matter what, since over 40 years, no way that she would give me away. I have to find a solution for her. Can you help with some good tips?

Thanks (and I am too polite to bark here, but I would lick your hand to say thank you.)

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