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Where are you?

  • United States

    Votes: 357 61.3%
  • Canada

    Votes: 57 9.8%
  • Europe

    Votes: 102 17.5%
  • Australia

    Votes: 16 2.7%
  • Asia

    Votes: 29 5.0%
  • South America

    Votes: 3 0.5%
  • UK

    Votes: 24 4.1%
  • Africa

    Votes: 2 0.3%
  • Other (Did I miss something?)

    Votes: 0 0.0%

Where are you??

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Just thought it was cool how many members we have from near and far, and wanted to tally that up.

Feel free to elaborate-I'm just asking countries. I listed some continents (OK you Australians get it both ways LOL) as too many countries to list all :)

Some tips for staying safe on the internet-do not post your city especially if you are under 18 ok?
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In the USA, Pennsylvania. This is cold winter, ready for spring!
Hello from the Canadian Snow Pile ;)
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I'm in the Bay Area in Northern California, just south of San Francisco in Half Moon Bay. Mark Twain once said that the coldest winter he ever knew was a summer in San Francisco. I can't disagree with his assessment of chilly San Francisco summer weather, but having lived along the North Sea in Belgium as well as Lake Michigan in Michigan, I stipulate that Twain was either being cynical, or didn't know the meaning of a cold winter. :)

That said, we love it here in Half Moon Bay! Temperatures are pretty consistent for most of the year, and we have lovely beaches, parks, and Redwood forests nearby for lots of hiking, camping and all around outdoor fun!
I'm in Massachusetts, USA. We have already had about 3-4 feet of snow in our yard and we're currently in the middle of getting 2 more big snow storms. We got about another 6-8" since this morning, and we're expecting another 20-25" before this storm is over Thursday.

Really cool to see what a mix of members there are here.
I'm in boring ol' Indiana - woo hoo, lol
From the UK here, near Southampton. The sun is shining here for a change and about 12 degrees C. :D
I'm in Atlantic Canada :)
I'm from Christchurch, New Zealand :D I don't think anyone had heard of us untill we had our two big quakes (7.1 and 6.3)!

Here's my local mall:

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Im in USA, Born n raised in Upstate ny (binghamton) but currently living in West Georgia
I'm from Australia. However I have lived in Florida before. :)
Originally from Montreal, Quebec Canada - married a Mainer.
I was born in a little town called Nokia. (Well, the town has existed long before mobile phones.)

I don't live in Nokia any more, but I still live in Finland, currently in the south-western part of it.
I'm from Ireland and probably one of the few looking forward to the long, dark evenings :)
Canada! British Columbia to be precise.
I'm near Manchester in the UK ... and YES it does always rain here :( Not good for dog walking / lots of mud in the house!!

I was born in London, UK, and now live in Wales, UK.
waving at anyone else in north carolina~~!
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61 - 80 of 183 Posts