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Where are you?

  • United States

    Votes: 357 61.3%
  • Canada

    Votes: 57 9.8%
  • Europe

    Votes: 102 17.5%
  • Australia

    Votes: 16 2.7%
  • Asia

    Votes: 29 5.0%
  • South America

    Votes: 3 0.5%
  • UK

    Votes: 24 4.1%
  • Africa

    Votes: 2 0.3%
  • Other (Did I miss something?)

    Votes: 0 0.0%

Where are you??

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Just thought it was cool how many members we have from near and far, and wanted to tally that up.

Feel free to elaborate-I'm just asking countries. I listed some continents (OK you Australians get it both ways LOL) as too many countries to list all :)

Some tips for staying safe on the internet-do not post your city especially if you are under 18 ok?
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Texas, close to Austin. :]
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Phoenix Metro area here, Arizona.

Which explains why I'm indoors on a computer at 12:30 in the's HOT!

Gotta get our walks in REALLY early or REALLY late (midnight-5am) before it starts getting unbearable...

Southampton, England. near the docks. (we can hear loud clashes from there every so often, and the old air raid siren when they do fire drills.

it's really hot for here at the moment. 'really hot' being just under 20 degrees celsius. dunno what that is fahrenheit lol.
Im in Scotland, I think we are going to have our summer today, Im hoping it lasts till Sunday!! but I think I am pushing it!
I am in Preston, England. I dont know where our summer has been. lol. xxxx
Good Ol' Georgia!

Love it here...Like FLA better.
It's not going to get dark here until about 8:00. :p
I'm in Ohio!Go Buckeyes!
British Columbia, Canada :)
Us, Oregon.
Connecticut whoo hate it here
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Hello from the Canadian Snow Pile ;)
I'm in Queensland, Australia. It's summer! They call it the 'Sunshine State'. All summer it's been raining and flooding :/
I'm (like 'kirsche') from germany
but from the west =)
41 - 60 of 183 Posts