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Where are you?

  • United States

    Votes: 357 61.3%
  • Canada

    Votes: 57 9.8%
  • Europe

    Votes: 102 17.5%
  • Australia

    Votes: 16 2.7%
  • Asia

    Votes: 29 5.0%
  • South America

    Votes: 3 0.5%
  • UK

    Votes: 24 4.1%
  • Africa

    Votes: 2 0.3%
  • Other (Did I miss something?)

    Votes: 0 0.0%

Where are you??

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Just thought it was cool how many members we have from near and far, and wanted to tally that up.

Feel free to elaborate-I'm just asking countries. I listed some continents (OK you Australians get it both ways LOL) as too many countries to list all :)

Some tips for staying safe on the internet-do not post your city especially if you are under 18 ok?
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from the only place you can go and eat hush puppies, coleslaw and shred style bbq whilst people scream in joy at giant metal acorns dropping out of the sky.

thats right im from redneckcyborgsquirrelville. :eek: :p
Crio!!!!! :provoke:
Your seriously making me cry!!! :( :( THAT looks like pictures I take on vacation... :(

It's UNSEASONABLY warm right now....Just to let you know I'm not wearing a jacket yet...
23 F (-5c) feels like with the wind 10 (-12c) Oh and there's snow on top of our freezing rain we had last week....
so last night on Tv there was a commercial for a local cable access channel...

the background they used was that exact same palm tree sunset picture...

I guess Iam not the only googler

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Bahahaha yup pretty much :) Here's my vacation picture

pheonix, az
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oh god...Iam a plant nerd too, so when we visit Az Iam always stealing cuttings of cacti and agave pups.

*cough* Start a thread ;) I has many cacti pictures ;) *cough*
oh god...and I have many cacti and no pictures!

Mostly mammillaria and cereus...

I'll have to do a

Alberta, Canada, baby!
Best place in the world! ;)
Im in the UK too :)
Michigan, USA
I am in Asheville NC but when I was truck driving before I went from NC to CA and back 2 times a week by way of the southern states. I loved Arizona it was beautiful. But one of the prettiest trips I went on was when we took a load up to Salt Lake City, Utah. It was awsome because it went from flat, to Canyons, to snow covered mountains. It was like 75 degrees F that day in the city but the huge mountains that surround Salt Lake were beautiful!
My husband and I have settled in Central PA. I grew up I western NY and right after getting married we lived just outside Washington DC for a few years.
Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario Canada here!

I was brought up and still have my immediate family in Windsor, Ontario though and visit frequently.
lol this is a silly question but do you have to be a particluar age to vote?:whistle:
lol this is a silly question but do you have to be a particluar age to vote?:whistle:

Not at all, tho if your not an adult you probably don't want to be to specific about exactly where you are :)

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I'm from Maryland, born in N. Virginia and I often have to go to that city known as D.C. I don't have too many pet peeves but I hate when people call it Washington. It's usually people who aren't from the area that call it that but when people say Washington I think of the state.

I don't know if I'd move anywhere else just because I'm close to my large family. I might move to VA or southern PA or New Orleans for a little while since I have more family there but MD is okay. Lots of crabs and nature, weather isn't too bad, close to the beach and cities, lots of horses... it's not too exciting though.
Representing the great state of Arizona here. Guess we are popular for our cacti lol. Mikey I love your photo from Phx cuz I wouldnt see that kind of picture and put it with AZ :p
Another Canadian here.
Born and raised in Northern Ontario
then lived in BC for 22 years
currently living in the Maritimes.

I guess in my area we are known for our blueberry production and Lobster fishing but I think the Maritimes biggest employer is the Province of
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I'm from Alberta, Canada. :)
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