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My dog was diagnosed with kidney failure two weeks ago. On advice from another vet due to my dog being only 2 years old, I had an ultrasound done. The ultrasound showed cysts and irregular kidneys with possible diagnoses of chronic kidney infections, infection from a toxin or lepto.

The biopsy of the kidney, the urinalysis and the tests on a couple of cyst samples did not show any abnormalities or infection. I've thought lepto fit the symptoms the best since I started reading up on it. I'm afraid that the antibiotics she has been on up until last night will affect the test.

Does anyone have any experience or advice with this? My doctor doesn't have much experience testing for it, but he does agree that the antibiotics may affect the results.

She was vaccinated for it in Sept 2014 but we have had a lot of flooding in the area and there are apparently strains that are not covered in the vaccine.
Any experience with this is appreciated. So happy her prognosis is better, but still worried about the outcome.
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