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I will keep this short and I am not asking you to make our decision, just thoughts:

We have a rescued Pitty and have had him for about 3 or so years, he is around 5 or 6 now. He was abandon twice. Here are his issues:

Both ACL’s have small tears, we are giving him medication for this, you can see when he gets up after laying down for a while it is slow

Major separations issues

Allergic and scared of everything – has uncontrollable shaking

Lately he has been urinating in the house when we leave and we are pretty confident the medication is not causing the urination issue.

Now he is doing it at night when we are sleeping. He does have a doggie door and he does know how and does use it, so we don’t understand why this is happening, this was not an issue prior to the last 6 months

He is scheduled for the vet tomorrow to see if he has other medical issues that maybe causing this. Plus now he is getting bumps all over his back. We have spent thousands on all of his issues and more just keep coming up, but we are not making this a money thing

If his urinating is not linked to something simple like a UTI, are we being selfish people if we say its time? We love him to death, but we have run out of things to try and do and he seems to be progressively getting worse. Thanks for reading.

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This is an impossible decision that only you can make. I know you probably want someone to tell you that it's okay, but really no one can.

Two years ago we said goodbye to our 12 year old boxer/pit mix. He was our family's heart and it was easily one of the hardest decisions we ever made. We wanted so desperately to keep him with us, but we knew that would have been selfish on our part. At that point, the most loving thing we could do for him was to let him go. It was an act of mercy, not of giving up.

My only advice is to make sure the decision you make is for your dog, not for you - whichever path you choose. Make sure that whatever you choose, you do so with complete love for your pet.

Best of luck.
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