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My dog's nail fell off today when he got off the couch. It seems to have been a clean break and there seems to be no nail left at all, which I've read is better than having some nail left. He has a lot of hair (he was due for a grooming this weekend) so it's hard for me to see exactly what the wound looks like. It bled when it first happened but hasn't bled since. I currently have a sock over it with some medical tape and he's been doing well with that. I also soaked it in warm water for as long as he would let me. When I'm not bothering him he seems perfectly content. He's actually sound asleep right now, and walks on it fine (with the exception of throwing his paw out because of the feeling of the sock).

I've read mixed reviews about what to do in this situations. Some said you absolutely need to take them to the vet and get antibiotics and other said this happens often with their dogs and they let it heal on their own. So I was hoping to hear other opinions specific to my situation.

I'm certainly not cheap when it comes to my dog. If he's sick I won't hesitate to take him to the vet. But I also don't want to be running to the vet for something I may not need to. His vet is also very busy so it's hard to get him in on short notice and be able to work around my work hours. I did call his vet and they didn't seem very concerned and just asked if the bleeding had stopped and I told them it had. I also asked about what I can do to prevent an infection and her only response was to take him to the emergency vet and get antibiotics (which is ridiculous).

But I am concerned about the risk of an infection. It just seems like such a vulnerable spot where an infection could happen quickly. As I said, I do have a sock over it and someone will be with him all day tomorrow to make sure he's not bothering with it.

I guess my main question is have you experienced this and what did you do? Like I said, I'm not against taking him to the vet if it's necessary, I just don't want to be rushing to the vet for something that could potentially heal on its own. I also tend to worry too much over everything when it comes to him, so having peace of mind is always nice :)
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