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Josh is 10 year-old yorkie/maltese mix who came to me via a rescue situation. I'm a novice pet owner and would appreciate some advice.

The vet says that Josh's wheezing could be something serious and wants to do complete blood work and chest xray. I'd like to consider some less serious steps first. Josh has been in a new environment for 4 months and it's possible that he's having allergic reactions. My apartment for instance has dry air -- even I have trouble with the dryness (I usually have the humidifier on in the summer). And from reading on this forum, it's possible that he's reacting to my floor cleaning solutions. And he was itching a lot before I discovered and changed his food to a low-grain variety.

Has anyone use this AmazaPet product and can provide feedback?

Thanks in advance.

What is AmazaPet?
AmazaPet is a safe, non-addictive, FDA registered natural remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients selected to relieve acute symptoms to keep chests open and maintain easy breathing.

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Can you tell us more about what you mean with the word "wheezing"? I think if you describe that in detail we can be of more help.

Also, do you know anything more about him before you got him. Was he in foster care? (in which case you might be able to talk with his foster owner and get more details about if he was wheezing before)

Meanwhile, my advice is always to do thorough health checks with a vet. Breathing difficulties can indeed be very serious. In medicine the normal thing to do is to check out the most serious possibilities first (part of "differential diagnosis"). For example, breathing problems can be a sign of an enlarged heart, or lung disease. These sorts of things would be best treated sooner rather than later. This is probably why your vet wants to do a thorough check with x-rays and blood work.

If, in the happy case the x-rays showed a normal heart and lung system, and the blood work all turned up normal, then one might move on to look for less serious causes for the symptoms, such as allergies or a response to your floor cleaner.

You might ask your vet what the cost of the work up would be. It probably involves 2 x-rays (one with dog on his back and one on his side... so you can clearly see the heart and lungs) and a standard blood chemistry and differential. If this is what the vet has in mind, it seems very much appropriate to me and not like your vet is trying to do too much.

And just one more thing to add, as much as there are people who believe in homeopathic remedies, scientific studies have not proven them to be effective, so IMO you are wasting time and money there.

Well, those are my thoughts for what they are worth.
I hope you find answers for your little guy!

And welcome to the forum!
And congratulations on adopting.
And double congratulations for adopting an older pet. They really are the sweetest and are so often overlooked!

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Just wanted to parrot everything Tess said.

Wheezing, even in a younger dog can be an indication of something serious.
Blood work and x-rays aren't what I'd consider, invasive proceedures and they may infact get the bottom of it, sooner rather than later.
Just out of curiosity, has she been tested for heartworm?
Please keep us posted and congrats on your new addition.
I also agree that senior pets are the best!!
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