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The Golden Retriever is one of the favorite dog breeds in the world. Originally bred as hunting dogs, the Golden Retriever is a smart, trainable and friendly companion. Because of their intelligence, they make excellent working dogs and can be seen playing a number of different roles, including vision dogs, hearing dogs, hunting and detection dogs, and search dogs and safety.
Golden Retrievers are large, solid dogs with thick coats that repel water. There are three main types of Golden Retrievers, which have appeared due to the widespread popularity of the breed. The British type has a wider and shorter snout, shorter legs and tail, a deeper chest and a more obstructed forehead. The Golden Retrievers tend to be gold or cream, but never red, mahogany or white. The Golden Golden Retrievers are taller than the British, leaner and less stocky. Canadian types have thinner, darker layers and are generally taller and leaner than other types. Puppies of all types usually have very light coats that darken over time.
The breed has a double coat which loses all year round but especially around the change of season. It has a thicker, water-repellent top coat and a soft undercoat to keep the dog cool in the warmer months and warm in the cooler months.
Healthy Golden Retrievers weigh on average between 29 and 34 kg and are around 58 to 61 cm tall. Females weigh between 27 and 32 kg and are 55 to 57 cm tall.

The Labrador Retriever (simply called Labrador) is the most popular dog breed in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Originally bred as a hunting dog, today’s Labrador is known for its roles as a service dog for the visually impaired and autistic, detector dogs and scouts, therapeutic dogs and law enforcement dogs.
Labradors are very diverse, but they are usually quite large and muscular, with a short, dense and water-repellent coat, a broad head, brown or hazel eyes, strong jaws, a medium muzzle and a thick “otter’s tail”. on the surface. base and narrower at the tip. The Golden Retrievers come in three main colors: chocolate, black, yellow, and the three can sometimes be present in the same litter.
Medium deflectors, Labradors are easy to prepare. It is recommended to brush them regularly with a stiff bristle brush, especially in the underlay, and to bathe them only when necessary.
Healthy males should weigh between 29 and 36 kg and measure about 57 to 62 cm. Females should weigh about 25 to 32 kg and measure between 55 and 60 cm in height.
Labradors are energetic dogs and should therefore be walked at least once a day during a long brisk walk. They tend to gain weight quite easily. It is therefore particularly important for Labrador to exercise and follow a proper diet.
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