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Alright ladies step aside J (since someone brought up the man thing earlier)
I will say that since you have only had your pup for 6 weeks it has not even settled into your/his new environment.
He is still learning what the ground rules are.
I know a lot of times especially for us guys we jump to the quick results and are under the assumption that if in this length of time they have not learned/listened to direct commands it is time for the "heavy" hand. And as some have already told you this will work short term perhaps even long term with stipulations (see below).
The choice you have to make is do you wish to have a pet who loves and respects you and comes and obeys you because he knows you will keep him safe/have something fantastic to give him (even if it is just a belly rub) or do you want an animal who fears you comes to you only because he does not want to have the "heavy" handed approach used on him again and only shows his belly out of fear.
Think of it as teaching a toddler would you manhandle a child because he did something similar if the answer is “No” than you should not do it to your pet. A good example was given to you earlier about pet eating something that will hurt him.
And as for your time frame once he has settled in (rough guess is about 3 months) you will find that this training method works great and with practice you will be amazed how well it works and so will most friends. Spend some time reading the stickies given to you as well as watching Kikopup videos on youtube.
I will end with welcome to the forum nice to have a little more testosterone around J
Also this training method may at times feel slower but the rewards far out way the time saved
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