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Hello everyone. I am looking into getting a dog but am not sure what breed to get and am hoping that you will have some advice. :)
I need a dog that is good with children – especially young and loud ones. I also live in a town house and do not have a yard but I am very willing to go on long daily walks/runs.
I would like a larger dog breed. A good guard or watch dog would be preferred, but not the highest thing on the list. Any dog that looks reasonably intimidating will be okay. LOL
My family has allergies/sensitivities to dogs and while they are being treated, we need to limit the amount of allergens. Mainly sensitive to the hair and drool, so one that doesn’t shed or drool a lot would be preferable. Not necessarily “hypoallergenic” but low on the shed/drool scale.
Things I need in a breed:
  • No yard required
  • No small dogs
  • Good with children
  • Hairless/low shedding
  • Low drool
  • No major health concerns/very short lifespans
  • (possibly) guard or watch dog
Does anyone have any recommendations? If you do, could you list the reasons why you recommend that breed? Just trying to make a good choice here. :)
Thanks so much!
Hi. Welcome to the forum.

Without a garden, one long walk a day won't be enough. Walking the dog isn't just about exercise - it gives the dog an opportunity to toilet, and you can't expect the dog to hold their toilet indefinitely. If you can't commit to that, then a dog is not for you at this time.

Good that you said "not necessarily hypoallerengenic" because there's no such thing. All dogs shed.

What do you have against small dogs?

What's in it for the dog?

How long is the dog likely to be left alone per day/week?
How much exercise and mental stimulation will it get?
What exactly does "Good with kids" mean? And are you also willing to teach the kids to respect the dog's boundaries? I'm not kidding - there's a reason kids are statistically more likely to be bitten than adults, and that's because they can't or won't respect the dog's warnings, and the adults often cannot see the dog's signals that it's uncomfortable, leaving the dog to take matters into its own paws. My own niece has been bitten twice by two differen dogs for that reason. Luckily both dogs have great bite inhibition.
In addition, how old are the kids in question?
There will be more, but my own dogs need their morning walk so I've got to go.
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