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What Type Of Dog do I Have? (REPLY TO THIS ONE)

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I've just adopted a dog from my local Humane society.
The paperwork that came with him only states he is 10 weeks old...

The people also didn't know what he was for sure because he was transferred from KS.

They were unsure but told me Daschund, Min-Pin mix.
He has no resemblance lol...

He has straight black short hair, and big floppy ears.
He is really small and chews the hell out of my carpet, :p
I named him Axl :rockon:

What type, for sure is he?
And what are the innate instincts, aside for THIS breed does he have?
Example: Is he a scavenger dog, hunting dog, etc. (One small hunter!)

Though, in one week I house broke him.
Smart dog!


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terrier and som'thing....perhaps doxie..

what training questions do you have specifically?

Looks like a Terrier Lab cross to me bud if so you are in for a treat, i have come across a few here in New Zealand and they have all been awesome dogs. a little bit chewy at first but once introduced to some training and let out into the great outdoors, watch them start grinning ear to ear. Love to please and love to work,best of luck Bro.
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