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what type of breed is my dog?

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can someone identify this dogs breed?
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Mammal Vertebrate Dog Canidae Dog breed
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What the age and weight? Location may help too as some breeds are more or less common is different areas. As for breed, I'm not really sure. I think it's the color that is throwing me off. There is something cattle dog-ish about the face I think.
It looks like a cattle dog to me, as it gets older it should start to develop its speckles it looks like it already is on the top of its head, I think its to young with limited information to say if its a pure cattle dog, but definitely looks like one. Looks like the red version (Red Heeler) but i maybe wrong about the color its hard to tell, it looks like a slight brown on his head.
Think I'm seeing Basenji. Cute little bugger, looks to be full of attitude :)
I see almost all ACD. Could be a mix but it's hard to tell at this age.
I would say most definitely an Australian Cattle Dog mix, very strong in that breed, with maybe a hint of Lab. Prepare for LOTS of training, LOTS of socialization, and LOTS of exercise! I have an ACD mix and she's more dog than I've had in years.
I, too, see either ACD or ACD mix. Cute puppy!
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