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What to do? Our Sheltie won't get up...

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Our ten-year-old Sheltie refuses to get up today. This has happened before, I regret to say that he managed to go next door and eat the neighbor's grapes a few years back, and although we didn't know this could cause kidney failure, he couldn't get his hindquarters off the ground for a few days and just lay around. Yet he could go down the stairs and do his business....

Same thing today. Since then, the vet has him on Meloxicam and Tramadol, and just yesterday he was playing with our other dog, our young Westie.... This morning I found him under my computer desk, refusing to get up. My husband, who gets up at the crack of dawn, said he seemed stiff, but gave him his meds and left him alone. He is not eating, but we gave him some coconut oil, which he LOVED. He takes Omega 3s and the usual arthritis stuff, something called Arthropower: Glucosamine & chondroitin, MSM, Manganese, etc. . . .

We're trying to decide whether we should take him to the emergency vet (wickedly expensive), or just watch him until our vet appointment in the morning (the regular vet "doesn't have time" to see him, according to whoever picked up the phone in the office, which annoys me greatly).

I'm a little freaked out, because we just lost our other Sheltie on the back porch of a vacation cottage; in that case, it was probably time for him to go, he had heart failure and seizures; but he was 12 and right on schedule. It's just that when you just lost one...


Thanks, Eklutna
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What I would do is find a holistic or homeopathic type vet.
Best advice for sure. 3 years we chased our tails with strict western vets til we found our current. She's holistic and western combined, meds only when needed and very open minded. She's helped our dog greatly, where the western vets had blinders on wanting to push pills and prescription diets.
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