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$397 is not a bad price for a growth removal. Does that include pre anesthetic bloodwork or an IV catheter? If not then you may want to add that on.

I've been working as a vet tech for 8 years and we've worked with many dogs that were less than happy to be at the vet. Honestly it's alot easier to deal an aggressive dog that's having surgery and will be asleep during any treatments than it is to deal with one while it's awake.

In fact we just had an untouchable dog come in on Friday for surgery. Thankfully the owner is aware of their dogs behavior and able to put a muzzle on and restrain their head. When the owner came to drop off their dog for surgery I had the owner put a muzzle on their dog and then brought them to the back treatment area where we confirmed the dogs weight and the owner held their dog while I gave a sedative injection to help clam the pet so we could handle him when it was time to start the surgery. After the sedative injection was given I had the owner put him in a kennel and remove his muzzle. When it was time to start the surgery we made sure there were no distractions in the treatment room and everything was prepared and ready. We have a special leash that we use for aggresive dogs that will bite. Once we got him out of the kennel we wrapped a blanket around him and then someone restrained his head while another person held a bell mask over his face to induce anesthesia. Normally if we're able to well also have a third person give an injectable anesthetic in a back leg. For aggressive pets we only use dissolvable sutures and we recover them with a e-collar on. That e-color helps prevent them from getting to any stitches while they're in the hospital and it also gives us some extra protection against getting bit if we need to do anything else with them after they're awake.

Hopefully this helps ease your mind a bit about what goes on behind the scenes. If you have anymore questions or concerns feel free to ask. Your vet should also be able to explain their routine with aggresive dogs. The key changes that we make are sedative before surgery, dissolvable sutures, and recover them with an e-collar on.
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