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Appearance can be misleading.

I sometimes find dogs that look like breed X, only to find they are actually half A and half B. Once I am told what they are, I can see the exact traits from each breed, but brought together in a way that it actually resembles a whole different breed.

Visually your dog does look a lot like a border collie, but I wonder how much of that is the coloration.

This spaniel has a coloration that is pretty much identical to a BC.

The sled dog side could be modifying the body enough from the basic spaniel type to give ears and tail and muzzle like a BC. Sled dogs often have that wider chest which your dog appears to have. Still, I'd expect a sled dog x spaniel to have a longer coat.

Most important in this case I think is how the dog ACTS. Does it seem to be interested in herding? Does it seem to be fixated with the scent of gamebirds?
I mostly agree with this. But that dog you posted, other than color doesn't look like a BC to me. But about traits, I have a dog who is half lab, half english pointer. He isn't outgoing, doesn't like other dogs, doesn't swim, doesn't retrieve, doesn't like other animals. The main traits of hunting dogs he doesn't have. So going by traits isn't always reliable either. But it is always good to look at traits. Just remember it doesn't always work out.
The OP's dog, my first thought was BC, but I think there is something else in there, and I can't place it.
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