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Recently I went into town with my dog just to take her for a walk. We have three pet friendly stores where I live so I decided to take her into one because it's good for her to get some socialization that way.

So I take her in and head to the pet aisle and begin just wandering the store from there. I don't have any money with me so I'm not looking to buy anything. Just letting my dog smell, hear, and see new things. As we're walking, we see an employee at the end of the aisle doing whatever it was that she was doing. My dog saw her and I guess her first thought was "friend" because she really wanted to say hi. I'm just like "sure whatever" and head over. Let's call this employee Sarah.

The employee pets my dog, loving her up and my dog is so happy with this. We stay for a minute or so before moving on. I'm just out of the aisle and there's another employee. Let's call him Zach.

Sarah, the first employee, mentions something about her dog that I can't remember. Something about how good she was or how sweet she was or something. I don't remember exactly. Zach comes over to say hi as well. That's fine by me, you know it's good for my dog to get some socialization with more people.

Zach kneels down to pet my dog and, while my dog is happy, it's more of a politeness than anything. She doesn't care for him the way she loved Sarah. She smells him a little bit and, when she smells his chin, that was it. She came back to me and sat smack against my side to watch him. Every once in awhile she'd go back so he could pet her a little bit (because he was still kneeling) and after a few seconds she'd return to my side.

We chat for a little bit and he mentions how she's a nice size and whatever (she's the same size as a GSD). My dog comes back to me and sits. He says something along the lines of how she's shy and that's good (basically meaning it's nice to have a dog that's a bit shy). I didn't really say anything to this because I was slightly wary of him because of my dog's strange behaviour, as she doesn't typically act that way around strangers. So I wasn't about to tell him that my dog was actually quite friendly.

We end up going back to our own thing, Zach to work and me to browsing. As I'm leaving, I see Sarah again. She's working on something else. My dog sees her and is just like "oh my goodness I remember her!" and is so happy when she gets some more pets.

Long story short, she was acting really weird around this guy, which she's not normally like. I haven't found out anything bad about him. For all I know he could be a smoker and she just didn't like the smell of his breath because of it.

Has your dog ever done something similar? Where they dislike someone or something and you don't know why or found out later your dog was right?

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Whenever there is some debate in our house, our dogs start looking for attention and if the debate continues, dogs start jumping at us to get our attention.
It's like they're telling us, please don't fight, no need for negative energy...
It took a couple of times for me to notice what's going on.
Now, as soon as something similar happens, we stop fighting and smooth our relationships.
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