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What is it

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Natural material Whiskers Plant Fur clothing Tail

Plant Whiskers Fawn Fur clothing Snout
hello, does anyone have any idea what these are? Didn't really notice them before but they started to cause my dog's fur to shed in areas they are in. I've also noticed that she would often lick these parts of her body (pics are around her elbow and chest area)
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What happens if you put a drop of water on some of those black dots? Do the dots seem to dissolve and/or does the drop of water start looking like brown ink? If so, then the dots are poop from fleas.

If the dots are firmly embedded in the skin, and they don't dissolve, then it's possibly some kind of skin problem. My breed (Standard Poodle) is prone to various skin problems such as Alopecia X, Sebaceous Adeninitis, and coat issues triggered by hormone problems. I'm prone to leaping to the conclusion that any skin oddness is one of these problems simply due to these problems being common in my breed. It's worth checking with a vet with more experience with your breed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts