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What dog is this??

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Hey everyone! We recently found this puppy in the wild because someone dumped it there and we took it. We went to the veterinary to get some shots for the dog and asked what breed it was. He couldn't quite help us, but he said it's a mix of a lot.

My grandma feels like it is something mixed with a fox. The dog is VERY active and excited and CONSTANTLY bites (but playfully, doesn't hurt at all, more like just touching you with the teeth). She also steals all kind of things from my grandpa (like a hammer) and burries it.



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The puppy is adorable. It can be hard to determine the breeds in a puppy. Once she gets older it will be easier. You can be certain, though, that she doesn't have fox in her. Dogs and foxes don't mate with each other.

The playful biting and stealing are normal puppy behaviors. You can find lots of helpful information about caring for and training a puppy on this forum.
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Dogs and foxes CAN'T mate with each other and produce offspring even if they wanted to. No dogfoxes here!

I see a bit of a wavy coat that tells me there might be some poodle-mix in there. A lot of -poo pups have that sort of a coat.
Puppies are virtually impossible to determine the breeds of but she looks like the
Chow Chow/German Shepherd puppies that are at the rescue I volunteer at.
Cute. You can't really tell mixed breeds by looking unfortunately. She kind of looks like a Rott mix e maybe but who's to say. Definitely something with tri color gene. Well dogs and foxes can't interbred so that's out.
i could see a bit of terrier or badger dog (we call that type of hound "Dachshunde" in German, different breeds like the different kinds of Dachsbracken, Teckel, the Basset breeds...I don't find anything in dictionaries, because the English use "Dachshund" for Dackel/Teckel and things get confusing...they're bred to follow animals like the Badger under the ground in their burrows and either fight them there or drive them out so the hunter can kill them.) know a relatively small wirehaired hound.
perhaps mixed with some kind of herder.
Did the vet give you an age range? And weight? It's hard to say when they are young, but age and weight can help to narrow it down.
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