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Hello, I'm new here and I'm hoping that you can help me figure out what dog breed I'm describing and should look at in the future. I hope that this is ok to post here?

* Big (but small), Preferably the size of a golden retriever but its "negotiable"

*Independent, but loves to cuddle and enjoys my company

*will preferably alert me in some way if someone is at the door or similar (not necessary a guard dog, it can be as simple as barking once or coming to get me)

*Be "happy" with about 1-1,5hours of physical exercise every day broken down to 3-4 walks

*preferably not completely shorthaired but this is not a dealbreaker.

*not a brachycephalic breed.

* preferably at least somewhat easily trained (with positive reinforcement)

*be able to be alone (at least with training) to be home alone when I'm in class, which is about 4-6hours a week

*not be an obsessive barker, I realize that this is very individual but its a wish that the breed, in general, isn't noted as "obsessive barkers"

Maybe I should point out that I have dog experience and will research the breeds (and it will be at least a year before I can get a dog)
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