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What did your dog destroy recently?

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He bit off my kitchen napkins. :eyeroll:
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My savings account.

HaHa has been sick for some weeks now....
Four night$ on an IV at the vet'$, blood te$t, stool te$t$, exam$, barium for multiple x-ray$ ...and a week'$ worth of med$.

And he's still not doing good...going to take him in again at 10:30am. :(

Fortunately my current dogs are not destructive : )
My last dog that destroyed anything is the one in my avatar, Harper. I adopted her when she was 6 years old.

Her adjustment to her new home was hard...for about 4 weeks I came home to stuff torn up or taken out of the house through the doggy door and never I saw that stuff again (until later). Harper, unfortunately I only had her for two years and she had to be put to sleep due to diabetes. She was a great dog once she got over the stress of coming into a new home and she quit destroying things.'s found most of the stuff that Harper took out and buried...which included a new pair of slippers (not so new after spending 4 years buried in the dirt). It's like Harper left HaHa a treasure hunt... It's fun seeing some of those items again, but also it's a bittersweet thing...makes me miss Harper so much, but it's still funny that HaHa is sniffing all those items out and bringing them to me.

Some of the items: 2 sets of slippers, 1 boot, a stuffed was a pink elephant, a piece of pvc pipe Harper use to like to play with..but it disappeared one summer and I never saw it again, and a vcr tape.

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A dryer sheet. Echo is the only one that ever destroys anything, but she almost never touches anything anymore. But if I leave a piece of paper or similar on the floor and leave her in the house for awhile, she can't resist shredding it. I wasn't too upset :p
I have been lucky that my dogs have not destroyed anything in my house. Outside is a different story. Bonnie is the worst. I had snow fencing to keep Lucy in when the snow got deep enough she could squeeze through the bigger squares in the fencing. Bit by bit Bonnie chewed it up this summer until I finally took it all down. she is forever pulling the beds out of the two doghouses and tearing them to pieces. I finally just put some old straw in the doghouses as she can't destroy that but it does get spread around a bit. She got hold of one of my hoses and chewed it up, my fault for leaving it out. Nothing of great value though.

I did put a bit of a fence up around my RV so she wouldn't be tempted to chew on any wiring or hoses. She is a year old now so almost through the chewing phase.
My son's music DH left him alone in the living room and he went into the mud room and pulled the sheet of paper out of my son's cubby and shredded it. He's 6 months old and is still crated anytime we aren't home. DH should have known better...
He destroyed his favorite toy! Which actually makes him a good boy. But it's just because he stays in a playpen when I cannot supervise him, so he does not have access to the couch. Otherwise, that would be destroyed for sure!

I mended his favorite toy, so he is all happy again. :)
Nothing he isn't supposed to, actually. But if I wasn't watching him like a hawk when he has free roam of my apartment, he would like it very much if I would let him have my Birkenstock as his new chew toy. Not gonna happen, buddy!
TBH, we don't have a big problem with ours destroying things. i don't know if you guys can get Kong dog toys. They seem to be indestructible. And this a beast that can do in a tennis ball in a matter of minutes when he is so inclined.
Hmmm. Probably a toy? Oh yes actually it was a duck. One had the head, one had a wing, no more duck toy. :(
Nothing really. Although Atlas recently did chew a bit on a roll of kitchen paper that I foolishly had put on the floor.
she just destroyed a hotel slipper last night lol sigh. I was at my parents' place for a few hours and I came home to a bunch of white stuff. At first I thought it was toilet paper but it was a hotel slipper she found!


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His favorite stuffed football toy. It's his way of kicking off football season lol
The clicker for the classes we JUST started. Week 1 and we're failing already.:eek: They've always been SO GOOD about not destroying things. This? This, they destroy.:rolleyes:


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I think it's boredom or attention seeking.
Ours, now two and a bit years old, doesn't much.
My 2 months old/new Oakley sunglasses... :D

We are still training on getting her into the pool and by now she willingly goes on the second step (The rest will have to come next summer :D ), but then she doesn't want to go any further and she gets frustrated with herself/us that she can't reach us. So she zooms off the steps on the deck and tries to find anything from us to get us getting out of the pool. I always now put everything up when we have a swimming pool session, but this time the wind blew my sunglasses on the floor without me noticing...

Other than that she only destroyed one remote, but that's it.
Max ate his shot records and he is currently thinking about going after my kids toys even though he as almost as many toys himself.
Nothing -- soon, I hope! :) My pup is about 20 months old and still has to stay in his crate when I'm away for any amount of time. When I posted about this when he was about a year old, most said wait a few more months; so now I try again every 2 months or so with free roam of the house. This week it has been 4 days of success! The longest so far. :) But his favorite: root under the rug and rip the pad to shreds! My solution: keep the vacuum cleaner sitting on the rug -- he's not a fan of the vacuum cleaner. LOL!
My sanity. hahaha <3 Gotta love shelter pups with baggage. :)
I wasn't paying attention a few nights ago and it looks like Bandit dragged his dinner on top of the little bit of curtain that lays on the floor. So now we have a nice big bloody stain and I'm just hoping no one notices before I get the cash to replace it :)
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