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I'm new to this forum, I created an account hoping to find someone who has some knowledge about dog coat colours, genetics and all.

I reserved a puppy on February 18th, he was born January 30th. He's an American bully. His breeder said he was champagne, but after some researches I don't think he is. I considered champagne being the same as lilac/fawn/isabella, but it seems that it isn't the same thing.

Lilac/fawn/isabella is a black dog diluted in a liver/chocolate dog thanks to the B gene, and then the liver colour is diluted once more by the D gene which gives a ”blueish and paler shade” (if I can say that) to the liver colour. So the dog is basically E- bb dd.

Champagne, from what I've read, is a diluted red dog. It's ee dd, ee being the red and dd being the dilution that normally turns a black (E- B-) dog into a blue dog. (E- B- dd).

My puppy's mother is by the way blue. The father has the same colour as my pup. Except for one of his brothers, my pup's siblings are all blue like their mom.

So what do you think my puppy is? I believe he's a fawn/lilac/isabella, but want to make sure as I don't know a lot about dog colour genetics. Also, if someone has clearer information on what champagne actually is, I'm interested.

Here's a picture of my pup so you can see his colour, I think it'll help:

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