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Hello, forum!

I've been looking for the breed of this particular dog, and I haven't been able to find anything that makes sense. Everyone I asked assumes it's a mix of some kind but everyone has different breed mix in mind. Someone I know has this dog and I'm enchanted! He's incredibly fast and agile. He's also super intelligent and is very playful, but he can also be nasty towards the mailman or sketchy people who appear around his house.

I thought he was one of a kind, but then I ran across these two pink pictures online (the dog in pink pics is exactly the same as the dog I'm describing when he gets a fresh haircut) which made me think there's a chance I buy one of these cuties.

He has light brown eyes and light, pinkish nose, honey ears and light yellow to orangish fur. His tail has long straight hair but the rest of his hair is quite wavy, almost curly, unless you brush it. Then it turns straight.

Does anyone know anything about this dog?

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