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oh no, he's quite the small boy, 20kg at the age of 3
toty. Are you are interested in more responses? If so, can you post two profile photos - one of the head and neck; another of the entire body? For optimally helpful images, get the camera lens down to the same elevation as your pup and point across at him horizontally while he is perpendicular to you. An assistant (and perhaps a waiting treat) may be beneficial toward helping the pup hold a pose as you compose the image.

Along with those photos, can you also post a rough measurement of your new pup's height at the whithers? If you are not familiar with the location of the whithers, a quick search on the terms "canine whithers" will provide numerous descriptions and illustrations of how to locate this spot on a dog's shoulders. (For the purposes of my request, there is no need for great precision - just lay some kind of straight edge more-or-less-level across the back at the whithers and use a ruler or a tape measure from the floor to the bottom of one side of the straight edge.)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts