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What breed is my dog? Help!

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This is my pup, his name is Rio, I got him from the animal shelter and they told me he was a pit terrier and they believe he is mixed with a larger dog, possibly mastiff! Personally, I see St. Bernard and pit, or just a pit. Wanted some opinions as I’m going crazy trying to figure this out lol.
He is 15 weeks and 37lbs.
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I think a DNA test is your best bet. It wouldn't surprise me if there is something besides pit bull in his blood lines. Some of the pit bull crowd have more recently started gravitating towards mastiff breeds such as Cane Corso, Dogo Argentino, and Presa Canario. Occasionally a cross between a pit bull and one of these newly trendy breeds will turn up in rescue. Really, though, your best bet is a breed test.
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