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What Breed is my Brindle Puppy?

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When we adopted her from the shelter, we were told Doberman/Catahoula mix. However, I could swear I see pitty in her face and ears. She's long and lean and all legs. She's also 3 months old.

She was the last of her litter, so maybe her siblings look different. Thanks!


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my Sancho looked very similiar when he was a Puppy (minus the eyes).
We think he's a Dogo Canario mix.
the bully face got more bully when he got older.
the broad chest of your puppy speaks for some kind of more bully breed
and the almond shaped eyes make me think of some kind of terrier-descenedant (Staffie or pit perhaps?).

Are Catahoulas popular in your region? generally it is always more likely that a puppy of unknown origin is a mix of two or more common breeds than a mix of very rare or expensive breeds.
It is also not that often a mix of purebredxpurebred, the chance to find a puppy in the shelter that is "some kind of mixed breed" x "some other kind of mixed breed" is pretty high.

regardless of what she is...she looks like a lot of fun.
Thanks for the response! Yes, Catahoulas are very popular here. I had never heard of the breed while living in California, but since moving to Texas, they seem to be everywhere. I learned they are the state dog of our neighboring state, Louisiana.

I can definitely see what you're saying about the terrier in the eyes. That's for sure!

And yes, she is loads of fun. Very energetic!
She looks a lot like pups in a litter of Catahoula x Pit bull that were advertised in our area.
Does look very possibly to be a Pit / Pit mix. I could see Catahoula though it is hard to really know for sure. She is adorable. I love brindles. I hope to get a brindle Pit pup if all goes as planned I should be getting one mid next year.
I see Catahoula/Boxer or Catahoula/Pit not Doberman (her muzzle just isn't right).

She reminds me a lot of
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