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What are the differences between American, Roman and German Rottweilers, if such type

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This picture here I found is supposed to be a “Roman” Rottweiler with a bit more of a mastiff look and bigger overall frame. Is this just a marketing scheme or is this pictured Rottie just overweight or breed standard?

Further links to look at:

Roman Rottweiler Information and Pictures

The video I found here also features a Roman/Gladiator Rottweiler:

If you can see the camera man's dog is much stocker than the German Rott.


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Usually the main difference is size, of how big the dog will be I have an English Rottie and she's quite small.
But the different sizes can also mean different health risks too.
Marketing ploy really... but sometimes certain features are bred for more. I have heard there are people breeding "Roman Rottweilers" to make them more like they were in Roman times but I have to be honest I don't know what they're using to model that after. But in terms of German or European stock compared to American, they're typically healthier and bred more for solid bodies than pretty looks.
I'm no rottie expert but I think it's kind of like the difference between Field labs and bench/show labs. One is stockier with a squishier face while the other looks taller, leaner, with a longer muzzle.
There is a written standard that explains what the best and most perfect Rottweiler should be. However, many parts are open to interpretation. Statements like the Rott should have a wide and deep chest...exactly how wide is wide?

Each breeder interprets the standard in their own way. But they are also influenced by what breeders around them are doing. That's a big part of what the whole 'American vs German' thing is.

American rottweilers tend to have slightly longer muzzles, slightly less large heads, and tend to be slightly larger overall. These are of course general trends. Not all big headed dogs are German, not all small headed dogs are American, the biggest dog in the class doesn't always come from American blood lines.

And of course you have German Rottweilers born in Germany, but also German Rottweiler frequently means someone imported a breeding pair from Germany, but the 'german' dog in question is probably born in the USA. Maybe his parents were too.

ADDITIONALLY - in Germany, the rules are now that you can't have cropped tail (or ears) so sometimes 'American vs German' means that.

Also, in Germany the rules require before a Rott is officially registered as a purebred that can make baby Rotts, it needs to pass certain quality and temperament test, so some people who say they 'prefer German Rotts to American Rotts' are talking about the mindset of the average dog.

Regarding Roman Rottweiler

This is a fringe group who are breeding rottweilers for size, possibly by crossing in some mastiff blood. The whole 'Roman' history is bunk. Sure, the romans had some mastiff-type dogs which spread across Europe bringing us all the various molosser type dogs...from bulldog to mastiff to great dane to boxer to rottweiler. But there was no Roman Rottweiler.

Note a lot of breeds have some fringe people who breed 'giant' types. Us americans tend to be suckers for 'bigger is better'
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