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What Am I (Besides God's Gift to mankind) :)

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Back in April, I ran away (or was taken away) from my abusive home. It was a stormy night with tornadoes in the area. I found myself on the patio of a kind stranger....I've heard her say it was raining cats and dogs that night and the storm dropped me here :) I was wet, cold, starving, full of fleas, shot and scared. My new mommy told me everything would be alright. She feed me PEOPLE food :p because she didn't have any dog food and a bowl of warm milk. After my belly was full and I was relaxed, I fell asleep on her feet has she rubbed my ears. I love it here but I've never been been so cut on, poked and medicated in all my life! BUT, I've never been so happy, loved and cared for in all my life. So this is how the other half lives...I LIKE it!

I've been told I'm a very handsome (and obedient) dog but the humans in my life are quite obsessed with my heritage. So, to help them out, I'm reaching out to this forum (ain't Google great!) to see if any of the humans here can identify my handsome self ;) There have been breeds like Australian Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler and Dingo-mix tossed around. In fact, even tho my name is Howie (excuse me, I should have already introduced myself :eek: ) my new family often calls me Dingo. They have pictures from the internet to support the theory and I must say, I do look like some of them. Strange tho, no one has ever told me I sound Aussie. But, I don't bark much at all and Dingos don't either. According to mom, I have a "different" type of whine...whatever that means! :rolleyes: I'm very VERY sweet natured and obedient and good with grandchildren. A quick learner and according to my new parents, "too smart for my own good".

So here are a few pictures of myself. What do you think I might be (other than terribly dashing?) :D tail is normally curled and touches my back.


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If your dog is inside and the furnishings have not been destroyed then I'd rule out dingo and probably cattle dog as well, unless you are also going for marathon runs....

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