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We've got a Texas Heeler! :D

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Well, that's just a fancy name for a Australian Shepherd & Australian Cattle Dog mix they've been breeding for the ultimate ranch dog! I don't have a ranch though. :(

So far my biggest issue is my pup getting terrorized by my Siberian Lynx (cat) who is being the BIGGEST brat since I won't let him outside to eat a bird. Our rescue kitty somehow killed one and brought it inside as a thank you gift... Ugh! It's been game on ever since.

I plan on ranting a lot about various antics as well as figuring out how to keep us from going insane in bad weather! Last dog was a Siberian Husky but idk if my pup (Dallas) will handle the Winter? We live in a tiny cabin with the great outdoors for entertainment.

Oh! My god kids have a 6month old Border Collie / Lab mix (Nova) who is absolutely BONKERS! She is a sweetie though & I am helping train her. So far her issues are jumping & nipping but I am teaching her tricks -- she has fetch, shake & roll over so far & I am showing the boys how to properly interact with her. She is a good dog and wants a job but her mama has a newborn so it's tough! That's where Auntie comes in! ;)

I would LOVE suggestions on how to leash train Dallas from a perspective of an Aussie owner! I used a head collar with my last pup because he was a puller and became reactive after getting mauled by a pit bull -- it was a mama on the loose looking for her pups and not appreciating my big wolf looking dog staring her down! :/ I do ride horses and would love to teach Dallas to come along and work cows & from my experience with cattle dogs they just follow you everywhere so I will be doing lots of research on recall since yeahhh my husky's recall was only about 90% and I have been dragged through snow in pursuit of duck! What is it with birds.... O____O
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I love using 30 ft training leads to teach recalls, and I use prong collars for teaching leash walking skills. Be sure to do lots of research before using a prong collar as improper use can cause more harm than good. is a great resource for dog training!
There is I need to use a prong collar to teach loose leash walking, particularly with a puppy. All you need is a little patience and consistency.

To train loose leash walking: get a treat pouch to clip to your belt and put your pup's kibble in it (this is a good way to make him earn his breakfast). Leash up and go for a walk. When puppy is walking nicely beside you, feed feed feed (I call this the "reward zone." When puppy is walking in the reward zone, there's lots of food and praise. No food is given when puppy leaves the reward zone). Frequently change directions to make sure puppy is following you. Reward and praise puppy for sticking right next to you. When puppy pulls out ahead or to the side, stop and "be a tree." This signals that the walking ends when puppy choses not to walk with you. Your puppy will learn very quickly that it is more fun to walk next to you because then the walk continues and puppy is getting food and praise.

Once your puppy is starting to get the hang of it, add cue word/phrase like "with me" or "let's go."

My dogs are both nice loose leash walkers but if they forget and move out ahead of me, all I need to do is tap my leg to remind them to stick next to me.i like this better than saying "No." I try not to overuse "no" for every little thing because it can become meaningless. So I reserve "no" for more serious stuff.
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*there is NO need to use a prong collar

Sorry, typo.
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