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I recently was given a pure female westie from a friend, very adorable, very affectionate, will mannered and she is house trained although she is 6months old and tends to have an accident on occasion no biggie.

She was living a happy life with her 2 other sisters and the mom and dad but was becoming aggressively dominate over her two smaller sisters one reason we took her. The parents are both good and have great behaviors but our new adopted addition has aggression issues with any and all other dogs regardless of size or breed. she'll chirp at other people but loving when approached except with other dogs.

She has had a few close encounters with other dogs now (Hulk angry) and is very aggressive, growling with a direct posture and attempts to move in for the "Hulk Smash" as far as leash goes at least, and stays fixated even after the other dog is out of site.

I have done my research before and after taking her but would like to know if any have tips or experience on socializing Westies to other dogs

I do not believe she was ever socialized other than living with her sisters and parents and this will be an issue as I live next to a dog park with constant dog and owner traffic all day and night outside my residence.

Thanks to all
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