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Weird Encounter at Home Depot

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I took our dog to Home Depot this evening to get some gardening supplies. He's well behaved there, and I also take him there because it brings up some good training opportunities. Anyways, I was walking with my dog heeling beside me down a long aisle, and was about halfway through the aisle. Suddenly, my dog pulled on the leash and turned around, so I looked to see what was going on.

Get this: A guy was standing about 30 ft away at the end of the aisle, holding a retractable lead, and he let his dog come all the way to meet ours! His dog just came up and started sniffing my dog's behind. It was a bit weird (he and his dog are lucky they didn't pick a reactive dog!). The guy was watching and grinning the entire time (from 30 ft away!)...he thought it was hilarious. Strange, right? I've never seen another dog owner pull this stunt using a retractable lead in a store before.

I'm teaching our dog to ignore other dogs when on leash, so I told him to Leave It, and he actually listened (woot! that is a VERY hard thing for him to do, since he loves to play).

Anyways, just wanted to share this weird dog owner story....
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I agree with Tilden on the fact the dog could get startled and react. I love a retractable leash when I am out in the open meadow or big park. My dog is not ready to be off leash so it gives him some freedom and a little room to run but I wouldn't bring him in a store with 1.

With that being said we all do dumb things sometimes. Last weekend I brought my dog and son hiking on some horse trails in a big park near us. Not sure if it's an off leash park. Either way I couldn't let my dog off leash cause he would run right to any dog he seen. My 12 year old son distracted me and my dog seen another dog and just took off and I dropped leash. The other dog was very reactive and luckily my dog stopped about 5 feet away. I ran over as quick as I could and apologized multiple times. The lady said it was fine then walk about 15 feet away and called me an a**. My son heard her. I just laughed cause she was right.

I do not let my dog sneak up on dogs on a regular basis. I love my dog and do not want him to get hurt.
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